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Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

You may be asking yourself: Why use a Mortgage Broker or Agent? Lets look together at all benefits:

Large Product Selection – I am in contact with more than 50 lenders-banks, trust companies, credit unions, and private lenders. As a result, you will have several financing options.
Negotiating Power - Because I send multi-millions in business to lenders, I acquire discounted rates not available to the general public.
Save Time - I have the ability to find out the best options for your situations in a short time frame. This saves you the trouble of calling 50 different lenders to negotiate. 
I take one Credit Bureau only but can forward your file to many lenders! I will pull your credit bureau ONLY ONCE when shopping on your own, each lender will check your credit, reducing your score each time. This could result in a decline or a less favourable interest rate.
My Mission - My mission is to give you a simple explanation on the best options available in the market, and to offer a customized mortgage plan.
Challenged Situations - As a Licensed Agent, I have successfully helped clients with poor credit, zero down payments, second mortgages, lines of credit, and frequently assisted self employed applicants.
Availability - Flexible hours: I am available evenings and weekends, I will travel to your location to make your transaction quick and easy.
Rates – Rate Guarantee: If mortgage rates rise prior to closing, your promised rate is protected. If rates go down you are awarded the lower rate.
Simple and Quick – Simple, quick process:  I will meet with you to gather all necessary information and send it electronically to potential lenders that  believe are the best match for your situation.
My Services are FREE – as the bank pays me a finder’s fee (OAC).


Natalya Bobylyova
Mortgage Agent (FSCO License No.: M12000603)
Mortgage Alliance (FSCO No.: 10530)
Cell: 416.710.3048

First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home BuyerSo you are thinking of purchasing your first home… Congratulations!There is nothing like walking through the doors of your own home and knowing that it is yours. Are you aware of incentives and programs may be available for you?

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Self Employed

Self EmployedYou are self employed and require mortgage financing for your personal home, cottage, second home, investment property or even commercial business location. Why can employees easily get a mortgage but you are a business owner and have challenges or limitations?

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Alternative Financing

Alternative FinancingBad things happen to good people. Perhaps, your bank turned you down because of credit blips in the past, no credit history or non verifiable income. There are many solutions for everyone and they are all based on having a plan.

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Investment Property

Investment PropertyAre You Ready to Invest? So there is some good news… we have some lenders that are now playing more seriously in the investor space. Regardless of your investment strategy (buy and hold, flipping, rent to own…) there are solutions for you.

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